Adult Classes

Adult Classes

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     "I was skeptical, but the mental focus, discipline, and self-control I have gained through Christian Martial Arts training have given me an unbeatable "edge" in life."

Lifelong health, unwavering Confidence in any situation - The ability to Focus and Accomplish - unshakable Faith: In the next few paragraphs I’m going to tell you how you can sample all of this and more.

     Physical Fitness: “I need to get in shape!” Who hasn’t said that? The truth is that we all want to get in better shape. As kids, there were all kinds of activities to participate in. But as adults, it’s really hard to get twenty people together for a spirited game of softball! Gym memberships don’t seem to help, and while an aerobics class may trim a few pounds, who goes to aerobics class consistently for thirty years! The goal, after all, is not just “getting” in shape but “being” in shape…for life! 

     Well don’t despair, there is an answer and it’s not only easier than you think, it’s actually fun! Christian Martial Arts! Now I know what you’re thinking, “What makes Martial Arts superior to any other method of achieving physical fitness?” Well to start off with, no other activity balances flexibility, strength, and cardio, like Martial Arts. And what else could maintain life-long interest and constantly offer fresh new mental as well as physical challenges the way that Karate does? 

But don’t take my word for it… 

     "When Kolb Sensei started a Christian based dojo I was skeptical. Kolb Sensei is dedicated to Christ and Fushin Ryu, a true Japanese form of Karate. Training with Kolb Sensei has improved my physical, mental, and spiritual attitudes."
Jim Trott, Middleburg Fl 

The lessons allow me to focus better at work. Through the exercises I have lost 35 pounds, allowing me to feel better about myself. I truly enjoy the lessons for our character. I even use them at times in my Sunday school class. Incorporating the Bible verses in class brings me closer to the Lord.
Jerry Oppel, Orange Park, Fl. 

And look at the history of Karate practitioners such as: 

Gichin Funakoshi, Founder of Shotokan and the “Father of modern Karate”. Practiced karate his entire life. Wrote a totally lucid autobiography shortly before his death in 1957 at age 88. In the book, he states his plans and goals for the next ten years of his life! 

Yoshio Sugihara, International head of Fushin Ryu Karate, Yokohama, Japan. At age 81 (2003) he still actively teaches and trains daily. With sharp mental faculties and physical abilities men half his age envy, he is still regularly seen holding his foot at head level while explaining what he is doing to a student. 

     Many in this country are amazed by this. We see people in nursing homes in their 60’s. But this is normal for martial artists. Now we are all going to die at our God-appointed time, but martial artists tend to be strong, healthy and active until the end, as opposed to just wasting away.  

Self-Defense: Every time you turn on the television or pick up the paper it gets harder to think, “It will never happen to me”. So should self-defense training be something you do regularly? The obvious answer is “yes”. But we are a drive-thru society. “I don’t want to spend years training to get a black belt, I just want to learn to defend myself and my family in an emergency”. Of course this thinking is flawed, but the market place is driven by demand. If someone wants to buy “instant self-defense”, you can be sure there will be someone ready to sell it. Now don’t get me wrong, there are simple self-defense techniques that anyone can learn quickly, but you have to ask yourself, “Will I remember and be able to pull off something I learned at a seminar a month ago if I am attacked next year? Karate focuses on proper body mechanics so that even a small person can generate a devastating strike that will instantly end a situation. In a true “life or death” situation, isn’t this what you really want? When you begin karate lessons, your ability to defend yourself will immediately improve, and through regular training, you will gain confidence in all areas of life. 

     Now I still know what you're thinking: "How can I know for sure the AFR Christian Karate program will work for me? I've made it very easy for you to find out...  

FREE LESSON: ($40.00 value) I'm offering you an introductory private lesson...for FREE. (With no strings attached.) See for yourself if, in fact, I can give you the powerful benefits promised. 

FREE Conference: In the introductory lesson, we will talk one on one to discuss your goals, your needs and which of our programs will best suit you. 

FREE Official AFR Christian Karate Uniform: ($45.00 value) You will receive an official karate uniform that is yours to keep - no charge- with registration in one of our classes!

Here's how it works: To schedule your free lesson, and be guaranteed the free uniform: Pick up the phone and call LeAnne at (904) 298-1745. She'll answer any additional questions and schedule a special time for an instructor to work with you. It couldn't be easier and may be the most important thing you could do. 

Call 298-1745, today. 

God Bless, 
Cris Kolb, Shihan 
6th Degree Black Belt 
Head Instructor 

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