We teach traditional martial arts classes the way we learned them in Japan. We have several different classes to meet different needs. 

Little Ninjas

Sensei LeAnne is our head instructor for this age group. Little Ninjas learn a lot of really important things. They learn the basics for karate, how to punch, block, kick, etc., but they also learn how to stand still, how to develop focus and how to have more self control, just to name a few. This program is designed for students who are 4 and older. This class is a wonderful beginning to a life of martial arts training.

I like everything about karate. Nathan Shoaf, 7, Orange Park, Fl.

The teachers are nice. Arlana Wise, 5, Orange Park, FL. 

Basic Class

These classes are traditional in nature, and taught the way they teach them in Japan. Our basic class will help you or your student learn how to be more focused, attain better self control, self discipline, and responsibility. It also, teaches the basic techniques needed to progress to more advanced classes. Adults are welcome and encouraged to train with their children in these classes.  

I've seen a great improvement in my self control and confidence. Josh Ridge, 13, Orange Park, Fl 

I have seen an improvement in Danny's self-confidence. He feels that he is really achieving something! I have also seen an improvement in physical strength and confidence in what his body is capable of. And I believe that it has helped him see that it is okay to show you are a Christian outside of church. Janice Clements, parent, Middleburg

Through Christian Martial Arts (Kaitlyn) has been given direction and goals. The biggest area she has improved in is discipline. Gus Devereaux, Orange Park, Fl 

I learned to focus and know that if I try hard I can do anything. I have learned to be more excited about God's word and that if I follow him I will always be on the right path. Sairah Hodge, 10, Middleburg, Fl  

Teen and Adult Class

These classes are also very traditional with all of the basics the way they were taught in Japan. They also offer a faster pace, so teens and adults will get a great workout while they are learning to defend themselves. The same traditional values that are prevalent through all of our Martial Arts classes are present here as well. 

The lessons allow me to focus better at work. Through the exercises I have lost 35 pounds, allowing me to feel better about myself. I truly enjoy the lessons for our character. I even use them at times in my Sunday school class. Incorporating the Bible verses in class brings me closer to the Lord.
 Jerry Oppel, student/ parent, Orange Park, Fl  

I have trained for four years in Martial Arts of Tae Kwan Do in New Jersey, but I feel some things were missing. Since I have joined the AFR Christian Karate, I have found what I was missing. I have learned to be closer to God through some of the teachings of Shihan Cris Kolb. I have learned to improve my focus and it gave me more confidence in myself. I learned to improve my control and attitude. Through this training, my mind and body are more tuned in the ways God wants. I have lost weight and improved my strength, endurance and flexibility. Rey Zulueta, Orange Park

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